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One Software

to rule them all.

Endless Possibilities.

The only limit is your imagination.

Corpus is software written by furniture manufacturers for furniture manufacturers. More than 5,000 companies are helping develop this program everyday.

Even though Corpus is NOT an interior design software, it's responsive 3D design supports manufacturers throughout the planning and presentation, shortening the turnaround time from days to minutes.


At the same time, Corpus is preparing all the information for the production, calculation of cost and sale, as well as parts lists, manufacturing and assembly documentation.

  • 3D design in real time.

  • 2D design.

  • Free and automatic positioning of furniture in the scene.

  • Presentation without the need to render. 

  • Fast rendering and prolonged rendering.

  • Creation of any 3D object.

  • Smart parametric furniture editor.

  • Multiple levels of structured editing: The structured 3D design facilitates the creation of complex three-dimensional elements.

  • Catalog of materials definable by the user.

  • The user can create any type or model of furniture.

  • Automatic cost calculation based on the design

  • Calculation of used materials

  • Calculation of used edges

  • Calculation of used accessories

  • Different forms of calculation according to the piece of furniture and definable by the user

  • Budget for the automatic and modifiable customer

  • Visual control of edges

  • Dimensional control of parts greater than the material available

  • Assignment of automatic and manual accessories

  • Optimization and cutting plans

  • Assignment of manual machining

  • Assignment of automatic machining 'Makros'

  • Generation of labels with barcode for CNC

  • Automatic sizing according to material: the pieces will take the thickness of the corresponding material.

  • Intelligent automatic edging according to material.

  • Protection of furniture by password: blocks the possible edition of the furniture.

External communication
  • Import / Export of accessories

  • Export to other optimization or cutting systems

  • The user can define and save export templates

  • Generation of CNC code

  • DXF generation of the parts with their machining

  • DXF generation of cutting planes

  • Export X3D, PLY

  • Assignment of 3D objects downloaded from the internet to accessories.

  • Own creation of 3D objects with the possibility of associating accessories and machining.

Textured display

Textured display

Wireframe display

Wireframe display

2d design

2d design

Labels with barcode for CNC

Labels with barcode for CNC

  • Modifiable reports

  • Assembly / production documentation

  • Accessories report to ask for by supplier

  • Customer budget

  • Report of cost of boards, edges, accessories

  • Dimensioning elements

  • Machining dimensioning

  • Factory Version:  It is the complete version, includes all the tools and recommended for small and large producers. This version incorporates code generation to send to the CNC machining and cutting centers , the export tool and the machining creation / assignment system.

  • Workshop Version:  Includes all the tools except CNC code generation  , the export tool and the machining creation / assignment system.

  • Store version:  version oriented to points of sale, whether they are independent stores that sell customized custom furniture or points of sale of a producer. This version works with the catalogue created with one of the superior versions. The furniture can be edited and customized according to the client's preferences and saved in the current project. Price, dimensions, etc., will be updated according to specifications previously established in the elements. The finished project can be sent by mail to the production center and opened with one of the higher versions to make adjustments if necessary or directly send to production.

  • Corpus will work on any modern PC with the Windows operating system, but it is important to have an advanced graphics system capable of executing 3D graphics. We recommend that the graphics card be Nvidia and it should not be integrated. Intel i7 4-core processor gives a good result.

  • Operating system XP or higher.

  • Recommended hardware requirements (minimum)

  • Main processor and speed: Intel Pentium (Celeron) or AMD Athlon (Duron) - 2 GHz or higher

  • Work memory: 2 GB or more

  • Non-integrated graphics card: NVidia GeForce with 128 MB of memory.

  • Printer: any printer compatible with Windows graphic printing. It does not work with dot matrix printers.

  • Hard disk (hard disk): 1 GB of free space on the hard disk

  • Monitor: resolution 1280 × 1024 or higher

  • USB port connector for WibuBox

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