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Tri D Corpus

Our Story

We grow businesses by creating solutions for entrepreneur like you.

We simplify as much as possible. Then we simplify some more.

In 1998 three enthusiasts made a simple program to optimise the cutting of board materials. Their success led to an idea that revolutionised design programs – the development of CORPUS.

In its inception the program was basic; and competing with highly developed applications like 3D Studia and AutoCad. Though technically superior, competitor programs were suitable for educated professionals and came at a high cost, unsuitable for time-poor carpenters and cabinetmakers, or clients wanting to customize their own designs.

CORPUS launched officially in 2001. Its technical integration with numerous post processors for various CNC machines, and multi-lingual adaptation has shaped CORPUS as the pinnacle of furniture manufacturing software globally. CORPUS is an indispensable tool for furniture production today.

Corpus was born in Croatia. Figures show how we expanded our business:

Sold in




Available in



More than








Feel free to contact us at any time on any issue like:

  • “I want to buy your beautiful software.”

  • “You are awesome!”

  • “I need an ingenious system with complete visual control which simplifies the production process. No special skills or training needed please.”

We are here for you.

Tri D Corpus Team

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