New Release 2019

One software solution
for all of your CNC machines.
Gold medal - Consumer's choice. Corpus furniture manufacturing software. Integration with numerous post processors for various CNC machines, multi-lingual adaptation.

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Gold Medal 2017


Beautiful Furniture Software

Bringing ideas to life. Fast.


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Our Software

So what exactly does Corpus do?

Among other things...

Upgrade your designs.

Lay it out, add storage, choose colours and accessories and save your decisions on the spot. 

Address client feedback in real-time.

Intelligent and Simple commands.

Quickly add shelves, doors, partitions, drawers or built-in appliances to your furniture. 

Parameterisation supports the creation, editing and modifications of the element, without error.

Present your best work. 

Create stunning presentations of the final product with high-quality, impactful and accurate 3D renders.

Save Time. In just 15 minutes you can present design proposals, make necessary changes, calculate the price, adjust the details and make an offer to your client.

Quote Instantly. List all furniture elements and their price for an instant quote. This feature is an integral to Corpus.

Maximize your materials and minimize waste. Generate optimized cutting layouts and use the cut outs to nest parts. 

Cut and drill in any shape desired, and in one process. Nesting maps created by Corpus can be exported and transferred either to your software or CNC machine.

Avoid the unnecessary cost of manual errors. 

Custom order creation and quote generation can reduce production time using automation.

Tri D Corpus Overview

Who we are, and why furniture software solutions




we delivered.

Corpus is an intuitive software solution.

We had so much fun creating it!

And our clients love us.

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